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okay, I currently own a Sony DSC-T1. I've had it for a year and a half now, and was mostly an impusle buy with my graduation money, I didn't put much time into looking at reviews for it but it's been an excellent little camera. Well, It's time for a new camera and i've been doing a lot of research the last few days. These are the cameras i've looked at:

Canon Powershot G6

Canon PowerShot S70

Canon Powershot SD500

Canon PowerShot S2 IS

Sony DSC-W7

Sony DSC-H1

Basically, I'm looking for a camera that takes great pictures, but also takes great video and that narrowed my search a lot. The G6, S70 and SD500 all have very crappy video modes, you can only take a few minutes of video, regardless of the size of your card. I was pretty much set on the G6, until I read that.

The Powershot S2 IS and the Sony DSC-H1 look like the best choices, but they are only 5MP, and i would like (not necessary) 7+ MP. Right now i'm leaning towards the PowerShot S2 IS, but the Sony DSC-H1 also looks equally good. I just like the fact that the S2 IS uses SD memory and you can get a 2GB card for around what a 1GB Memory Stick would cost. So does anyone have either one of these two and can tell me what you like/dislike about them? Also, any other camera suggestions are welcome. I'm in the $500-600 price range.



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The canon camera maybe produce great picture.

but their video using avi which is very big in size.

I dont know why Canon did not make MP4 format or other compression whcih still good but not too big.

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Though i love the screen on the sony h1, which is nice for framing , the movie mode on the S2 IS wins hands down. The cost of media is a important factor too.

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I have an S2 IS and it is great. The video mode is about as good as a digicam gets, 640x480 at 30 fps. You have to have a huge memory card in it though.


well, I just ordered it! (the S2 IS) Should be getting it soon. I went to play with them at staples but only the H1 was working. The zoom on that was mighty quick, how fast is the zoom on the S2 IS?

thanks. :)

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