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Odd network setup wizard



hello, i recently went to a LAN party at my mates place, and we setup everything sweet, and all 8 of us had full connectivity, to each other and internet. then i get home from the LAN and want to setup my network up again with my mates pc at my house (we had LAN working before i went to my mate LAN party). i go to setup the network connection wizard and setup everything the same as how we had it before the LAN party, and it gives me this error (see attachted image).

while i was at the LAN party, the other computer at my house wanted to use the internet so we hooked it up and stuff and it got on the internet fine. if that helps

what should i do.

it says i can configure the network manually. could someone please tell me how. i only want to use this option as a last resort.

My computer (MAJID) connects directly to the internet and my mates computer (JONNO) connects through my pc to access the internet. thats how i set it up in the network setup wizards, both slightly different for each computer

(MAJID) is the name of my computer and (JONNO) is the name of Jonno's.

i have both windows firewalls and norton internet security firewalls off for both computers

can someone please help me

Thank-you in advance

EDIT: i've pulled this from my network setup wizard log if this is any help

Network Setup Wizard Log

Attempting to set computer name

Old computer name is the same as new computer name - not setting.

Setting server description (comment): Dale

Attempting to set workgroup name

Workgroup name is the same as the old one - not setting.

Will attempt to share public connection.

Will attempt to firewall public connection.

Lucent Win Modem Shared Public for ICS configuration.

Windows Firewall Enabled on Lucent Win Modem.

ICS Failed to Share Local Area Connection as a Private connection.

Adapter Configuration for Home Networking failed.

Shared Printer: Microsoft Office Document Image Writer

Shared Printer: Canon MP130 Series Printer

this log is found in %systemfolder% nsw.txt


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Make sure you have your (and other systems on the network) personal firewall turned off while running the wizard, thats what caused my lan problems. Then you need to reconfigure your firewall to allow such connections

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