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[OpenOffice - Draw] How to draw network diagram?


Gundamdriver    0

Hi. I am using Microsoft Visio to draw network diagrams as it is a homework from school.

Now I heard that OpenOffice is free, an alternative to MS Office, so I tried it.

But I found that Draw doesn't contain any network symbols, icons, which are provided in Visio.

Could anyone tell me how to insert those icons in Draw (if the icons are provided) ?

If the icons are not provided, is there any method to download a set of network icons somewhere on the Internet?

Thanks for reply.

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exosceleton    0

do a google picture search for network. save to a directory

in draw select tools--> gallery

klick new theme and navigate to the save directory

but actively drawing diagrams, not really

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solveighaugland    0


Not sure if the new shapes in OpenOffice.org 2.0 address any of the network icons you need but be sure to check out the shapes on the toolbar at the bottom of the work area to see if any of them work.

The gallery as mentioned is your best approach if the new shapes don't help.

Note that if you go to the internet and get images of network diagrams, try not to leave any white space around the edge of the image, if possible. The connector lines will connect by default to the edge of the graphic, not to the edge of the image in the graphic. You can get around this, and have more flexibility, by creating "glue points" which means you can specify exactly where on the graphic you want the connector line to connect to.

To do glue points:

- In the Draw toolbar at the bottom, click the Points icon, and the Glue Points icon next to it

- In the Glue Points toolbar that pops up, click the Insert Glue Point icon

- Click on the graphic you want the glue point on; the cursor will change to a crosshairs

- Click where you want the glue point to be, usually somewhere on the exact edge of the visible part of the graphic

- Click again to add as many glue points as you want; when done, click the Insert Glue Point icon again

The connector lines are one of Draw's best features. If you're doing diagrams where you need an arrow in the middle of the line, just connect two connector lines, and be sure the first one has an arrow at the end.

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