Xbox 360 & PS3: Backwards-Compatibility Issues


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Speaking to the IDG News Service, Sony spokesperson Reiko Sakamoto said: "It's hard to say the PlayStation 3 will be 100 per cent backwards compatible. But as we said earlier this year, we aim to make it so as much as possible"

Sakamoto's comments came after Sony published a list of games which are not compatible with the new silver slimline PS2 console, due to go on sale in Japan next month. A total of 38 PSone and nine PS2 games were listed, including Tekken 5, Hitman: Contracts and Resident Evil.

"We believe multiple factors are responsible," Sakamoto told IDG, explaining that the new console has a different chipset which is not compatible with the way some software is programmed, resulting in glitches such as hangs and slow game saves

This is not the first time backwards compatibility issues have arisen for a next-generation console - there was also considerable confusion over whether the Xbox 360 would play Xbox titles, and even now it's not clear which games will be fully supported by the platform. A list of compatible games is due to appear on the official Xbox website within the next week or two, according to recent comments by Xbox VP Peter Moore.

Moore, ?You have all heard this before I?m sure, but we are working on a software emulation that we have built that is had to hand combat game by game by game. Each game is emulated and you know the issue with the GPU and the CPU. We will probably be in a position in about two weeks to give you a list and that list will go up on and it will get updated as more and more games get through certification.

There will just be an auto-update that you may not even be aware that happens. Say Crimson Skys becomes backwards compatible. We will post an update on We may even set up an email alert for people who are interested enough. Bottom line, you will start seeing more concrete information in two weeks. We will post a list. The guys continue to pound through these games and the emulation is working well. After launch, we will continue to do it. Until consumers show lack of interest, then we will move on."Source: Gamer Lounge

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