The Goodsons

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Hi neowin members,

During a party my mate put on a CD called either "The Goodsons" or just "Goodsons"

it only hade 3 tracks because it was not an international famous band, but he played the track named "Liberteen" now that was a fuc**** good song, and the next day i decided to search in some p2p tools for this song, no luck. Then i tried luck, msn no luck, amazon no luck, dogpile no luck. I mean this is the hardest song i have ever had to find, its been about 2 months now since i heard it and its so rare hardly anyone knows who the hell im talking about.

If ANYONE has the slightest idea what im talking about then please drop a message.

Thanks, Liquid Metal.

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besides the fact that this is the wrong forum, we also have rules against the illegal distribution of copyrighted files. You will have to seek help elsewhere, sorry.

thread closed

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