BAR: we can learn from Barrichello

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Rubens Barrichello?s proven ability to win races could turn out to be one of BAR?s biggest assets next season, according to the team?s chief designer, Kevin Taylor.


Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd18, Japanese Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Suzuka, Japan, 8 October 2005Although Jenson Button is widely regarded as one of the sport?s hottest talents, the British driver remains without a win after 100 Grand Prix starts. In contrast, new team mate Barrichello has nine Formula One victories to his name.

?We know, given the right equipment, Rubens is capable of winning races,? said Taylor. ?He is an established baseline and so it really puts the onus back on the team to deliver him the right kind of car. We all think Jenson is capable of winning races but that question hasn't been answered yet.?

Taylor believes that Barrichello?s six seasons with Ferrari could also provide some valuable lessons for BAR, perhaps even changing some of the methods used in the day-to-day running of the team.

?The fact that Rubens has been working with the most victorious team in modern history means we'd be fools not to quiz him on what's made Ferrari so successful. It's not just the design of the car, it's going to be on the way we operate. We'll listen to him to see if there are things we don't do that we should be doing. It will probably be the small detail stuff and that could make all the difference."

BAR were runners-up to Ferrari in the 2004 constructors? championship, but both teams slipped down the order this season after struggling to get to grips with the revised regulations. BAR finished sixth, Ferrari third.


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yep next season is going to be a good one.  with all the car/engine regulation changes and new drivers at majority of the teams.. :yes:


I totally agree!

I cannot wait for the next season!

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BAR will benefit a lot from Rubens in the team. He is very experienced, has won races, is fast and most of all, brings the knowhow from Ferrari, and that should help the BAR team.

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