Buying a plasma - PLEASE HELP!

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Hi BangBang andd others can you help me get a safe online place to get my main plasma display.

Here's what happened. I got the Klipsh custom speakers (I think they are Synergy III series), 12" Klipsch sub with some very good Denon receiver and a few other things including a Denon DVD player (some top of the line one as people tell me) for my main living room area where I'm going to watch movies, play games etc. I also got a 42" Plasma Panasonic for my office, EDTV one but it was fairly cheap and I will be watching some DVDs and regular channels while I work.

Now what's left is to get the main plasma display for the living room. I was looking at DLP from where I will be sitting in the living room and I wasn't too happy with seeing artifacts and viewing angle even with HDTV broadcast signal (both on 67" and 61" models) so I decided to go with plasma.

Now I have 3 choices. Money-wise, I would go for the Pioneer PDP-5060HD Plasma display which is on-line on a very reliable site around $4400. This TV would be slightly smaller then I want but the picture is just gorgeous and the TV just blew me away. But after some research, I found out about 2 Pioneer models (61") and they are around $6300. One model is the latest model listed on the Pioneer site (Pioneer PDP-6100HD 61" Plasma TV) but there's also another version Pioneer PDP614MX

Now, I have no clue what the difference between these 2 plasmas is even though they cost pretty much the same online. I would prefer buying the model that's listed on the Pioneer site and not this PDP-614MX one because I have a feeling that it's an older model. I also saw this model (PDP-6100HD) at Best Buy in person and was completely blown away! Another reason why I'm cheering for it.

Now, I don't buy much stuff from eBay but I found this PDP-6100HD model on eBay by supposedly good seller for $6300 but he includes the wallmount as well and his shipping rate is excellent at $250. It's a brand new tv as well and it's very tempting, but I'm afraid that I will be scammed since I have fear from eBay, especially with $6500 purchase.

Here's the eBay listing for the one I'm interested:

eBay PDP-6100HD

Can someone be so kind to help me out and maybe just look at this reseller and tell me what you think of him or find a site that is reliable where I can buy this TV and not worry that I'll be screwed over. Also, how can I protect myself if I buy this stuff through eBay and I never recieve the product or something like that?


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They are listed as CNET certified which would indicate an acceptable level of trust.

So you know, the PDP614MX is the commercial version of the PDP-6100HD. It's basically the same set, but soley intended to be used in store display windows and such.

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