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Need help with workgroups



alright i have 3 pcs at home. all using the "home" workgroup. 1 desktop and 2 laptops. the laptops are set up to access all my media off the desktop as well as print thru the usb printer connected to it. its all good when im at home. however one of the laptops i take to work and use it to connect the the "work" workgroup at the office to access files and network printers. my question is do i have to rename the workgroup from "work" to "home" everytime i get home and want to access files off my desktop at home? can i set up 2 workgroups on the laptop so i dont have the change the workgroup name and reboot everyday. :unsure:

at home:

linksys router

desktop wired connection to router

2 laptops wireless connection to router

at work:

1 laptop wireless connection to office network

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Workgroups have NOTHING to do with sharing files or printers.. Just a place to store you computers name in the browse list is all.. Which really is meaningless when it comes to sharing..

If your printer is shared of \\somecomputername\printer -- it will still be that if your in the home or work workgroup. Same goes for file shares \\someothercomputername\fileshare

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