Canon EF-EFS lens questions.


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Hi everybody :D ,

Well I've managed to save up around 250euro, to put towards a camera lens.

Now I have the standard kit lens (18-55mm), now I'm wanting a good quality portrait lens (hopefully within the modest budget :blush: ) that would be a great lens for portrait shots and possibly also an out door all purpose/ish shot. Thing is for potrait shots and project ideas I have I'd need a model and chances I'm able to get one whenever I have an idea are very slim, as most of my friends are camera shy :p So I'd sort of like it to have two general purposes.

So if anybody has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated :)



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I know for Nikon, there is the 50mm f/1.8 from Nikkor that is around 140usd$ Pro lens at low budget!

with the nikon 1.5 factor, it makes an awsome 75mm lesn perfect for shooting portrait

there must be an equivalent for canon.

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