December (2005) Workstations

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lol i wouldn't want anyone comin in there and taken that stuff if i was him.

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This setup might change in a few weeks. My father has a new desk and have his old desk just sitting empty. I am going to ask them if I could have it. Will have to wait and see.

I have had an old 15" monitor sitting around and I thought I'd put it to good use as a dual monitor setup. :D

I know I am sitting on a dining chair but I have had one of those highbacks but it recently broke (the plastic armrests has gave way. Just using this uncomfortable chair until I can buy one (shops are closed because of New Years)

Disregard a copy of Norton Systemworks sitting under the desk. It's not installed (I use NOD32) and has been my last version ever purchased from Symantec.


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Is it me, or do you have 3 locks on your door?

LOL, as i saw the pic myself i was thinking the same thing... looks weird.

It's actually 2 locks one is the deadbolt you lock from the inside only, and the other is the lock you can open with a key from the out side, the third thing is just the door knob which has no lock... not the best design heh.

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