Just Got My new projector

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So I just got my Panesonic AE900u Projector in the mail yesterday and it looks amazing. I am looking for any suggestions on setup, and accessories

I still need to get a screen, although i may just paint the wall.

I have to get a ceiling mount, its 156 through the place i bought it. not sure if that is reasonable or not.

My surround sound upstairs is a sony reciever (kindof old) with 2 large speakers, a center and two rear. Not sure if i should move that down with the projector or buy something new. Anyone know of something cheap and better?

I cant wait to play the 360 on this, it will be amazing.

thanks for your help in advance!

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AE900's smoothscreen really rocks.

I suggest you get a projector screen.

These projectors with 5th gen epson panels are really nice, but you really should get the screen to do justice to it.

Over here (in Japan) you can get a simple kikuchi screen for about $200. Even cheaper ones will be better than the wall :laugh:

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