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Funny Descriptions from personals....

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Funny Personals

About Me:

I don't like to write about myself...always there is a risk to look stupid - if you say something bad about yourself it's stupid, when you say something good about yourself it's not modest and may look stupid also. But feel free to ask any questions u have


Looking for my

(Risk? There's absolutely no risk involved. Come on, finish your profile! You are finished? Gotta go, I'm looking for my...)

I am an artistic, educated girl, whos new in Cincinnati. I have travelled quite extensively and came here for my career. My job keeps me very busy, so I have little time to meet people. However, I have a love of communication and desire contact with humans.

(Alright Krylon 4, I'll take you to our leader)

ourdough Rocket Scientist

I am a farly level-headed (to my credit) and well educated (not necessarily to my credit) guy with an unfortunate tendency to work too much. I've recently returned to alaska, and I'm looking to meet new people. I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, theater, movies, good beer, coffee drinking and rambilng conversations. Drop me a line and we can have copy and talk about deep, emaningful and ultimately unimportant things.

Wish I were more level-headed.



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