My new cam!


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Finally, about a month and a half of research, I've bought my cam!

The Fuji F10... In one word - "Fantastic"!

If anyone has a budget of about ?200, I would deffinately reccomend this camera.


6.3 MP CCD

3x optical zoom

Color, Black + White, Fujichrome film

3:2 ratio pictures

Unlimited 30fps movie clips with sound

Large 2.5" LCD

Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)

7.5cm - 80cm Macro mode

ISO80 - ISO1600

Some piccys of the cam:



Sorry I can't show you any pictures from the camera itself, it's still charging. When it's done though I'll try and post some.

Anyway I would deffinately reccomend the camera. I only have 2 complaints:

1. There is a lot of wires for connecting it up.

2. The menus are really confusing. It's going to take me days to figure it all out:DD.

Otherwise it's great and would give it a rating of 4 out of 5.:camera:::camera:::camera:::camera::


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