Own Any Jerseys?

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Me and a friend were having a discussion about how many people own jerseys, from any sport. Just curious if the Neowin community have any. I personally own an Authentic LaDainian Tomlinson (Powder Blue) Chargers jersey...its pretty nice :)

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I own a bunch, don't remember them all but...

Hockey - Team Canada (H), Toronto Maple Leafs (A), Anaheim Mighty Ducks (H), Florida Panthers (A)

Baseball - New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians

Football - Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys

mhmm thats kinda alot... well I have 2 brothers, what do u expect...

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Umm lemme run through the list lol:

authentic Mike Richter jersey

replica Mike Richter jersey (from when I was like 6. It's a kiddie size lol)

replica Mark Messier jersey (with the Rangers)

authentic Wayne Gretzky jersey (also with the Rangers)

replica Jeremy Shockey jersey

replica Jesse Armstead jersey (Giants)

replica Ron Dayne jersey (don't ask)

replica Brett Favre jersey

two replica Italy national soccer team jerseys

replica Alberto Gilardino AC Milan jersey (My favorite soccer player in the world who just this year joined my favorite team :D )

replica Grant Hill jersey (Detroit)

I think that's all lol

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I own two authentic jerseys... one Atlanta Thrashers away jersey (white) and one home alternate jersey (blueland) both are Kovalchuk's number 17 :)

I am about to buy Heatley's alternate jersey for the Thrashers ($97 from Amazon) even though he plays for Ottawa now... :(

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I have a Signed Matts Sundien

Signed Yzerman

and a couple of other... I forget which ones.

I want to add a Signed Ed Belfour one....

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I have a Shockey jersey (NY Giants)

it's fun to wear just because so many people hate him.

:laugh: man I really do hate him :p I own a few basketball ones but nothing I wear, they are more like collectibles

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