Canon Powershot A620 Lens Adapter


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Alright, so I got a Powershot A620 for Christmas and I love it. Manual controls are awesome, 7.1 MP is a much needed upgrade from 2 and the ability to add lenses and filters is amazing. I have been looking everywhere for the official Canon conversion lens adapter (LA-DC58F), but no one carries it. I would really like to get it from Best Buy since I have gift cards for there, but they only carry model LA-DC58B, which is compatible with the G3 and G5 cameras. However, both adapters look the same to me online.

(1) Can I use the LA-DC58B on my A620? or

(2) Are there any third party adapters I can get, preferably from Best Buy?

Canon Conversion Lens Adapter for Canon PowerShot G3 and G5 (Best Buy)

Canon LA-DC58F Conversion Lens Adapter for PowerShot A620 and A610 (Amazon)

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