[CES '06] Scientific Atlanta Debuts New Cabe DVR

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The Scientific-Atlanta MCP-100 may not look all that sexy on the outside, but if you're a cable subscriber, this set-top box should give you reason to salivate. That's because the MCP-100 is an HD DVR that also has a built-in DVD burner. We heard about this one long before the show started, but Scientific-Atlanta is officially taking the wraps off of it here, saying that the MCP-100 "combines all the great features of Scientific-Atlanta's Explorer 8300 platform, multituner DVR optional high-definition DVR DOCSIS (DSG), and Multi-Room DVR capability with a new built-in DVD player and burner. This product is initially targeted at cable operators (MSOs) and enables subscribers to archive DVR content to writeable DVDs. This progressive, set-top device combines a dual-tuner DVR [with] access to DVR programming from any room in the home (via a multi-room server), delivers HD programming, plays commercial DVDs, and enables consumers to record their own DVDs from the DVR for both standard- and high-definition content. The DVR with DVD supports Multi-Room DVR enabling viewers in three other rooms in the home to simultaneously access content stored on the DVR hard drive and even view the same program, time-shifted at different points in the show."

Of course, while the whole idea of easily making hard copies of your HD recording (down-converted to DVD resolution) certainly sounds enticing, the movie and TV studios are not so enthused about it, so the big question remains when cable operators will actually adopt this killer product--and whether they plan on charging you extra to make those hard copies. Currently, the folks at Time Warner Cable bill me $18 a month to use my Explorer 8300. For that price, I think they should throw in a little DVD burning, don't you?

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Thats the ntl:HD box, FUGLY

Edit: ill go with the next gen of Sky+ on MCE thanks :)

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