SanDisk Standard SD card good for Casio EX-Z57 ?

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I have a Casio (Exilm) EX-Z57 digital camera, and love it!

I need to get a bigger SD card for it.

Right now, temporarlily, I'm using my SanDisk TransFlash card (with the SD adaptor) until I get a regular SD card for the camera.

I don't need much space, since I always take pictures off the camera the day I take them.

I was thinkin 256-512 is plentiful.

I was first lookin at the SanDisk Standard SD? Card 256MB. It wasn't too pricey.


Then I saw this awesome SanDisk Ultra? II SD? Plus USB 512MB


I liked it, cause of the built-in USB thing, but it was twice as much as the other card.

I don't know which to get, is there much benefit between the two, besides the USB thing and the size?

Do I need a faster card, then the Standard one? Basically, I performance wise, can the camera perform better (noticeably), with the Ultra card?

Thanks for anyones' h:)p. :)

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I don't think the performance increase would be noticeable in your camera...

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the only additional feature is that usb thang, which is used to directly connect to your pc.

also, unless u wish to take fast pictures with the burst mode etc, sticking to a standard card will be sufficient.

as for me i'm now using a kingston elite pro sd 1gb, the model im using is 50x speed, which is roughly close to the write speed for my camera.

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Pink Floyd

sandisk isnt the only good memory card maker

and dont waste your money to buy a highspeed memory card as your camera wont need it

it's a waste of $

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