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Workgroup Manager, delegating control

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Skanks    10

I work for a small business and recently at my bosses request we have added another organisation he is involved with to our mail server. We would like to give their administrator control over their accounts and email addresses in workgroup manager, however we do not want them changing or viewing our own accounts. However we are unable to find anyway to do this either using Workgroup Manager or a third party tool. Any ideas?

(We are running Tiger Server)

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rugby    0

I just tested this out on my test server here and it works for me.

Promote your server to Open Directory Master from Standalone Server if you haven't already done this. This will make you create a directory administrator account that can authenticate to the LDAP directory.

Connect via WG Manager to the server and then authenticate to the LDAP directory instead of the local netinfo directory. This can be done via the button underneath the row of buttons along the top. It says "authenticated to...local", click on that pull down and select Other and then select your ldap directory.

Now, select your user and then the basic tab along the top should have a button that says "Allow User to ...administer this directory domain." Click this and then the priviledge window will pop up and you can select the users that person can administer.

I hope this helps you.

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