Need surround sound set

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Ok, as title says, it doesnt have to sound that awesome, as im not really able to tell difference between sounds quality.

At the moment, i have my xbox 360 connected to my Hifi via the red and white scart outputs. My pc connects to my hifi by unplugging the 360 connection, and using aan auxillary cable from the speaker output on back of pc, into the audio input on the hifi unit. so i basically have to swap between when i want to use one or the other.

so im looking to get a surround sound kit, that i can easily connect my xbox 360 into, so i can free up my hifi to have my pc connceted at all times, or even better, a way to connect my pc and 360 to the surround sound, and if possible my hifi as well, as my speakers for that are a bit busted :wacko:

can anyone help out?

ive found "Trust 6700t" system which i like the look of, it should be able to do what i want yeh?

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