Homebrew Games and Emulation for ALL PSP's!

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That?s right, the day we?ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Thanks to the fantastic work by our forum moderator Fanjita and his coding companion Ditlew, it is now possible to play vast amounts of homebrew programs and emulators on every PSP in the world, including those with 2.60 Firmware! Thanks to their monumental achievement, every PSP in the world is capable of playing homebrew!

We here at PSPUpdates and QJ.net are proud to be the first to bring you an exclusive release of eLoader BETA which now works on 2.01, 2.50, and 2.60 Firmware! With this ground breaking program, you are able to load the many of the existing homebrew games, applications, and emulators that are already available for earlier versions of PSP firmware.

You can find a complete list of working/not working homebrew [here]. But just to get you started, here are a few popular homebrew programs that are known to work so you can get started experiencing the full potential of PSP homebrew:

*Note you did need GTA: LCS


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Just waiting for a way to run homebrew on a 2.60 without using the GTA thing

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Damn....I saw the word "Homebrew" and I was thinking beer. Now I want one..........................away!!!

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