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Steven P.

Its been brought to my attention and that of the staff that Neowin has had members post threads that cite members to join fan clubs or gangs.. I'm not going to name names as its not necessary at all to do so, but we will not tolerate a Join xxxx fan club in Sig's and will move off ego stroking posts that seem to focus on groups or persons on this forum.

We do not require you to place ego stroking quotes for our admin or staff in your Sig's so why the hell should you have to do that for any one member?

Neowin is a community. It is not going to be further split into factions or gangs like so many have tried in the past. We simply won't allow it.

Remove the text yourselves or we will. If you have further questions DO NOT start a thread questioning this decision please PM me or a fellow staff member so we can accommodate you further.

Also I want to remind members that Neowin does not tolerate spam -this policy is NOT new but IS being ignored lately by some members.


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