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Various Racing Shots


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*56K go take a pee*

These aren't Digital so I can't post them in the monthly thread :laugh:

All these shot with a Petri TTL (Manual SLR :cool: ) with a 200mm F/3.5 lens and Kodak film (400 and 800 ISO). I scanned the print and did color corrections and what not in photoshop.

These are at Barber Motorsports Park for the AHRMA races

My Brother




Rob and Tim (I think it's Tim, I can't remember)




Rob (WERA Race)


Minibike racing, no shots of me because well you figure it out.





A guy who's name I can't remeber, backin it in


Can't remeber this guy's name either. Regie JR I think..


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Now only if they were infocus :cool: otherwise you did a pretty good job for manual focusing. I'd really like to see what you could do with better equipment.

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Now only if they were infocus :cool: otherwise you did a pretty good job for manual focusing. I'd really like to see what you could do with better equipment.

I am going to get very good with a manual camera before I move. The only think I plan on buying is maybe a 2x tele converter, Unless you want to get me a rebel XT :D

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good pics and good job on the MF (Y)

heh, thanks. It took me about 4 rolls of film before I started getting good pictures, but I still think I can do better with practice.

can't we all?

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jesus, that has got to hurt! I dont understand how he could get up after that

All that gear he has on is why he isn't hurt.

Plus after so many wrecks you start kinda learning 'how' to wreck.

But man his bike got torn to hell, sub-frame looks bent a lot

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Thanks guys!! Manual focus isn't as hard as you might think. You pick a good point on the track, focus and wait.

I am doing a 1hour endurance race tomorrow on the mini bikes. My brother is doing 40 minutes I am doing the other 20 because I am doing highschool tennis blah blah don't want to hurt myself. But I plan on getting some more pictures.

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Sorta off-topic but the video in your sig startled me. Back on topic, you're pretty good at doing manual focusing. Keep up the good work. (Y)

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Here are some shots for last weekends mini bike racing. Unfornunently they are with my Canon Powershot A510 because I didn't bring my SLR.

My brother is racing in his first race of this year in Talladega Alabama tomorrow but I am not sure if I am even going.

2 supermotards


My brother's mini that we raced in a 60 lap endurance race. It's a KX-80 with 12" street tires for anyone interested



Tim, same guy from earlier posts. (TTR-125)




Heh, the one picture of me. I am stil not 100% comfertable on a 2-stroke, thats why I am not hanging off!


Van (The guy from above, learned his name) power-wheelieing his 450 out of the last turn


Tim and Rob (some as earlier)


Van, backin in his 4-fiddy



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I think I am going to keep this an ongoing thread because I am cool like that.

Here are some pictures from last weekend at a WERA race in Talladega. My brother was racing his SV650 in one class and Rob was racing 3 bikes in 3 classes (Thruxton, GSXR1000 and CRF450 motard). I am very disapointed with this shots because the shutter was getting hung up at fast speeds (1/1000th). I probably need to find a shop that can service mechanical cameras like mine.

Can I also use the excuse of there not being many places to take pictures :whistle:

Front of my brothers bike. I like the photo I might get a larger print of it.


The 3 bikes Rob raced, Thruxton on the left, gixxer on the right. CRF in the very back


Thruxton with a new exhaust. Can't see it very well because of my photo brilliance


The only reason I have pictures of Rob and not my brother is because he was in so many classes I have more opportunities. you can Really see in the picture how about 50% of my pictures look with the hungup shutter


one more.


I wish more of my pictures came out like this one. Don't know who this is.


popopower wheelie


Bad wreck that stoped my brothers race which is why I don't have pictures of my brother.. Rob got ran over by another guy, they had to get life flight to come and pick the guy up. The is Rob standing up by the bike.


One of the corner workers cars. Race me!!


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