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American Ninja

I saw this posted over at the Official Playstation Forums:


"President of Sony has made it clear that his company has an amibitious new online strategy."

"Cast aside any doubts and start gazing toward skyward, because thats where Sony is aiming with plans that go far beyond simple leaderboards and matchmaking."

"Sony has just delivered the final development hardware to U.S. game developers. We can confirm that developers have already begun meetings with Sony's support teams to make sure their games are compatible with the yet unnamed Online Service."

"Its very real, one source tells us. They (Sony) are dead serious about it. They've declared a full on assault on the latest version of Xbox Live!"

"The online service is being designed to also work with the PSP and its games. Think one, BIG Playstation network!"

This article is suppose to be in the March 2006 108th issue of PSM.


Man this is great news! I will have to buy this issue and read the whole article. I wonder if the online service will be "Playstation Life" or is that what PSM calls it? Would be nice if it was called "Playstation Nation" :)

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American Ninja

Blast sorry about that I looked and didnt find that topic. Must of overlooked it. This can be locked now :blush:

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