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The calendar, weather, and CPU utilities (the number 23) are all part

of Yahoo Widgets. The post-it note utility is Post It Notes from 3M.

And I use the Royale Theme from Microsoft that is well known here.

The background picture is an HDR image that I got off of Flickr.

You get get it here:


It's about 1.2MB in size, 2560x1920.


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Incredible! :woot:

Thanxxx a lot Guys. :)

how'd u get that media buttons (play/pause, next and forward) on the taskbar? is it itunes? and can u hide the itunes from the taskbar?

btw. beautiful set ;)

That's True Launch Bar Here.

& yes u can hide iTunes frm the Taskbar, Just check the advanced options in iTunes .

& thanxxx. ;)

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mine for the month :)


glitchVS, pure icons, flyakite osx v3

Dude I have got to find out where you got those Icons and what you use to install them if anything, i have spent the past couple of hours looking for it so anyone please help

Idk why it isn't in the quote but here it is


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Hey XsNrG8, what app is that summarising disk usage etc?

Also what VS are you using?

details plz :D

Skin: areao4 - mod by me and port to WindowBlinds by me.

Wall: Dove (direct download link - .zip)

Samurize config: Not for release.

MirandaIM: Some clist_modern skin. PM me for the link (can't be bothered finding it)

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