Zelda:TP (Playing Around in Toaru Village Video)

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The only bad thing was that retarded music.

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I really can't see how this looks anywhere near N64 graphics. Maybe it's been a while but you guys should actually play OoT on it again and see how much worse it looks than TP.

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So a light world and dark world are nu64?

True horseback fights with lots of enemies .

Being able to steal the enemies rides.

Fighting as a wolf

a lot bigger land and adventure wise.

improoved graphics

That does not seem to be the same as oot to me.


that does not seem like oot to me.

also thats a very poor quality video . Go to planetgamecube and look at some of the pics from there. they look a lot better.

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The Teej

You cant call someones opinion about something wrong - if I said it was a FACT you could say it was wrong, but thats it. I couldnt care less, to be truthful, as to how you see it.

It does look like the N64 games, the mechanics of the engine are remarkably similar to OoT from the video. Whether it plays differently remains to be seen.

Im not saying the N64 mechanics were bad - dont get me wrong - they were great and extremely functional, no point in fixing something that isnt broken, but I would have hoped to have seen more advances from the video rather than run around, talk to randon person doing idle animation, random task, reward.

Its a time proven formula, it works, but I was hoping for more.

The TP engine is so much better then the OoT version. List of things you can do in TP but can't do in OoT -

Use items on the horse

Use the sword on the horse

If a weapon hits your shield it gets deflected, if it doesn't hit your shield, you get hurt (In OoT, it doesn't matter where it it if your shield was on your back)

Combination of Weapons

Modelled Tunic (as opposed to textured)

Multiple Animals

Run across the water with animals

Motion Capture Animation (as opposed to manually developed animation via modelling tools)

Downward stab for the finish

Horse Manouverability, able to pull the horse back and turn around while on it's hind legs

Camera Manouverability

Those are just engine improvements (bar the tunic bit).

Nevermind the fact that this game has new weapons like the Gale Boomerang, the Latern and the Bomb Arrow (all 3 exclusive to 3D zeldas). The engine (both graphically and generally) has gone through so many improvements to even say that it looks like then N64 version is harsh.

EDIT: and a great example of the awesome music is the Marauder Boss Battle in Hyrule Field. I've actually played the Demo, to hear it and play it live is absolutely amazing. IMO, the music will be one of those memorable pieces.

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