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whats is wrong with my code?




i'm so tired of searching the error in my code... can anyone help me? it keeps in submitting the form and javascript has no effect on the page... it should display the errors on the <div id="msgToUser"></div> but when i added the php script at the upper part of the page, it didn' work anymore... pls help!!

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firstly it must be a .php file...

secondly, your calling the php through the wrong way...

try and incorperate the php and js a different way, for example, parsing the PHP variables into JS variabels.


echo "&lt;script language=\"javascript\"&gt;
function validateForm() {
errors = Array();
	errorType = Array();
	errors = errors.concat(\"{$errstr}\");
	errorType = errorType.concat(\"{$errType}\");
	hasErrors = false;

just find an alternative :)

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