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I'm looking for a more secured internet access



Hi guys,

I'm looking for a network device (ex. router and if you have anything other in mind...) that would make my internet access more secured.

my PC is a family pc, I dont have any other pc's hooked up to my network, it's just a family pc.

and I always feel like my internet access isn't secured. so i would really like to hear your advices on a network device.

Thanks :)


I might be a bit wired for buying this but this is my personality :shifty:

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Unholy Moley!

It would be cheeper and more effective to have a software firewall on the computer. Buying a router, for one computer to use its firewall capabilities which aren't even that good is kinda silly. However, if you insist, then try to look for a router that has a firewall with "SPI" (Stateful Packet Inspection).

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