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Unhappy camper!


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arg, about 2 days ago I was super excited about getting the photos I got back yesterday and today.

The one roll of film I got back yesterday was half sports/have artsy stuff just to get the film out. Well the sports photos were blurry (expected, not a lot of light at all, not really worried about it that much) but my other photos were so low on contrast it wasn't even funny. I have a really bad habit of overexposing my shots. I sometimes wonder if the little light meter lies to me. Blame it on the equipment :no: . But really, not to worried about it, I like sports photography so much more..

..Which brings me to today. I go and pick up the rolls I dropped of blah blah. Well I use a 25 or so year old camera and I guess it is getting worn out because about half the shots that were taken (took?) at 1/1000th or 1/500th were messed up, like the shutter was sticking or something. One half of the pictures would be overexposed and the it would get progressive darker to almost black. Very disappointed but I can understand, it is an old mechanical camera. So I decide I want to scan a few of the pictures..

..Which brings me to now. My freakin scanner is all goofed up. Yesterday it worked when I scanned one of the pictures but now everything is pink and purple. WTF just want I want to deal with on my Friday night.

I should probably get out. :angry: :)

;;edit scanner fixed, I really didn't think it would take much anyway...

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