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I'm doing the Japanese-American group as my major cultural project in school. I am required to conduct an interview with a Japanese-American. I'm looking for people who have lived both in Japan and America (or you could kindly take another mile to help by asking a relative who did).

1. When did you immigrate to the U.S. and why did you choose to? If you were born in the U.S., what were your first impressions upon going to Japan?

2. How has your Japanese background influence your life here in your community?

3. Do you believe the Japanese-American community will continue to have an impact in our world today?

4. Are you able to communicate in both English and Japanese?

5. Do you prefer living in the U.S. or Japan? Why?

6. Do you believe Japan and the U.S. have an excellent relationship politically?

I would be grateful for any replies! :)

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