LG and Philips Co-Develop 100 inch LCD Display

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When it comes to television, bigger is better -- at least according to Korean electronics giant LG and its Dutch partner Philips. LG Philips on Wednesday unveiled a 100-inch LCD screen, which is 1.5 times larger than an 82-inch model built by Samsung Electronics last year.

Although such a large display is likely never to reach consumers, companies in the LCD and plasma TV industry have used them to highlight their technological prowess. "Our development of the 100-inch LCD panel reaffirms that LG Philips LCD is the global leader in large-area LCD technology," said LG Philips executive vice president Yeo Sang-Deog.


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Seems like this things never make it to market. At least in the US. I'm sure everyone in Japan already has 150 inch LCD, but we'll never get them.

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