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Photo Advice Needed


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Hey, i have images that i'm wanting to crop, but crop effectively.

How would i go about cropping a 3456 x 2304 image which would best fit a 7" x 5" for example.

I have Photoshop.

An example; if i crop what i like from a photo, what if the dimensions don't fit with print sizes? I.e what i crop is 6 x 5 (or to that proportion), so if printed on 7 x 5 it would be stretched and unnatural.

Pic attached, for what good it may do.


How do you do it? Is there a blatantly obvious way i'm missing?


P.s I don't just want 7 x 5, i would like 12 x 8, 14 x 11, 20 x 8, etc, etc, etc.

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The crop tool lets you predefine the dimensions at the top. Is that what you're looking for?

Also, depending on the camera you have, cropping straight from the orginial file size (3500x2300) might produce poor quality prints.

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Well, it depends on your camera. DSLRs won't have much trouble if you use a sharp lens, but straight-crop prints from many PS cameras will look blurry.

It's not a loss of quality, it's making the lack of quality more obvious.

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