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help with ping rates



I am on a DSL i think it is 512 up and 256 down or something

anyway i like lan gamming especially BF2 anyway my question is this:

Most times i am fine with playing on the servers i want to play on. But at times i have trouble and get booted for having a high ping rate. Is there a way to fix this. I know dsl is a dedicated bandwith for just me so i dont think the trouble is peek useage times. or is it?

my configuration is.

well im a multi tasker but i shut off all my downloads before i play. I leave 2 chat clients open when i play normally. One is paltalk the other is xfire for game chatting.

they are never really a problem. I usually leave one open firefox brouswer window also. I close yahoo and all that other crap. Now i split my connection with my wifes pc also. But she does not do any downloading. she simply surfs the web. Again what she does never seems to effect my game playing ability. we run xp on both pcs. Im just frustrated that at times i get booted from servers for a high ping rate. When i play on them normally. Its just those rare times. Is there anything i can do ?


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Run a spyware check, try Hijack This. Another reason is your on a 50:1 ratio, assuming your in the uk in reality its around 80:1 as BT overload the exchanges =/

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