[NFL] Tagliabue to retire in July

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NEW YORK -- Paul Tagliabue is retiring as NFL commissioner in July after more than 16 years on the job.

The 65-year-old commissioner has led the league since 1989, when he succeeded Pete Rozelle, and had recently signed a two-year contract extension to complete the television and labor deals.

He finally got that done 12 days ago, finishing the most arduous labor negotiations since the league and union agreed on a free agency-salary cap deal in 1992.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported on March 9 that Tagliabue was expected to exercise a clause in his contract with league owners in which he becomes a "senior executive" consultant with a significant compensation package. Tagliabue and the NFL did not comment at the time.

Mortensen reported that the leading candidate to replace him is Roger Goodell, the league's executive vice president and chief operating officer. Goodell has worked side by side with Tagliabue on numerous issues, ranging from franchise stability, new stadium construction, TV contract negotiations and the most recent collective bargaining agreement, in which he was an active participant.


I wonder who's going to replace him.

edit: espn updated the article

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Tagliabue was a great commissioner. He got the labor agreements done and the whole game has benefited from him. I just hope the next commssioner does good too.

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Condi Rice. :)

What about Bill Clinton? I can see it now...."I did not have sexual relations with that Dallas Cowboy cheerleader."

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