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My sister came home this weekend with her laptop, and gave it to me to fix, figures. Point being, there is one thing I can't remove... Winfixer adware. I've tried your standard adaware/spyware programs, McAfee, and AVG, nothing is picking it up, or removing it.

Webroot free scan picked it up, but I refuse to pay $30 for one thing. I've Googled, and that "Vundo", or whatever it is, doesn't work at all.

Please help, she leaves this weekend, and I can't let my sister's laptop go to waste, got to do decent brotherly duty :p.

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Is winfixer part of the smitfraud group thing? SpySherriff, Spyaxe, etc.

Seems like I've been able to kill it with spybot though. You running it in safemode?

Tried hijack this? Also is it a specific file? Use the recover console to delete it. Theres likely a corresponding entry in the registry though. Is the application active?

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