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Some JavaScript help please!


iamhiddensomewhere    0

I must be doing something wrong, because this doesn't work!



<style type="text/css">

#hidden { display: none; }


<script type="text/javascript">

var x=document.getElementById("hidden");

function show() {






<a href="#" onclick="show()">show the next line!</a><br>

<p id="hidden">i am revealed!</p>



Anybody that knows JavaScript will know what I'm trying to do! Is there a way to assign a variable and use it in such a fashion? Am I just doing it wrong? Or...is there another way to do that? Thanks!

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sharpenyourteeth    0

you are doing something wrong indeed ;)

you're trying to get the element before it's even loaded, so x has the value null

since you have your javascript in the head section, it is loaded before the <body> section, so when you say var x = document.getelementbyid("hidden"), that element doesn't actually exist yet because the browser hasnt got to the <body> tag to read the html. so to fix it all you have to do is put that statement inside the function.

you can actually do it in one line:

function show() {



hope that helps

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