Yahoo's Five of the Hottest Celebrity Mums' Cars

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I found this article on Yahoo!. It's about 'Five of the Hottest Celebrity Mums' Cars'. Now belive me, I couldn't care less about celebrity mums and what the hell they are driving, but I was bored as hell. Anyway, I scrolled down the list to find...


Sharon Osbourne and her mini?!

Honestly, couldn't they find any other moderatly hot celebrity mum with a sportscar, like Kate hudson , other than the rather repulsive Sharon Osbourne with her average priced car?!

Actually, the other 4 moms aren't super choices either IMO. It seems to me like Yahoo are just filling in the blank spaces with useless badly made articles now.

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Why should anyone care what cars other people are driving?

[edit]and really, why post for the sake of posting? c'mon...

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