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Thanks for the nice comments guys... The walls are actually relatively "old"; ultraman has them (or at least did a few months ago) on his website. I can't think of the url right now, but go to his dA homepage as I believe he has a link to his site there....I THINK it's www.frenchstudio.net, or something like that...

I concur. The walls are not on ultraman's site. Can you please send them to me via PM? :whistle:

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The first picture is my main desktop, and the 2nd picture is from the back of my desk with my laser printer and my voice mail and webserver



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Heres my latest desk

Fantastic Throttleman

Tema Fantastic WB5 modded (Blue/Orange) by me

Wallpaper Fantastic Throttleman by me (original image by Throttleman)

Icons Fantastic Throttleman by me (original images by Throttleman)

Samurize Script by me

MirandaIM Skin by me


Hope u all enjoy :)


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:Wallpaper: My own of the mountain at the Mt Morgan Range

:Icons: Default XP icons

:Desktop Widgets: Samurize

:Visual Style: PxlPlusM


Click ^ for full size.

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You wouldn't know where i can get that Modded Luna Element 3 would you ?

He cant release it but if you PM him I'm sure he can send it to you ;)

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Wallpaper: Here

Icons: Here

Visual Style: Here (Changed the Start-button)

Messenger is Miranda IM with CList Nicer+. Samurize is used for the icons, info, media and calendar.

Still needs a lot of work.

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