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Nice setup yinyang! Could you please direct me to mac/monitor icon on your desktop

Love the wall! Please share? :)

Which iTunes plugin is that ?

it's called iTunes toaster

u can get it HERE

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Juz a small update of what I've done to Windows XP

VS: Mine

Wallpaper: Microsoft

Logon: Mine (backgrnd by jemaho (thx!!))

sysdm: Mine



I wish i could make it more like vista (i dislike some parts so i changed it) :D

the logon is insane! pls release it flubberz pls :cry:

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what visual style is that?

also the foobar - is some sort of skin or plugin been used???

what is the thing at the top of the desktop that displays the time/memory/last track played etc.

whats the thing in the bottom right??


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Loving that wallpaper javagreen, mind linking me to it?

Thanks mate ;) the wall is a personal mod of one of the wall from Dimage's Abstracts.. you can find the original on dimage.deviantart.com

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