Looking for compact audio system for use w/pc

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Ok, since I am updating my small home office, I am now in search of a nice small bookshelf style audio system.

Im looking for something in the $200 - $400 or so price range that can hopefully provide me with the following:

1. Nice clean sound

2. Surround Sound

3. Clean stylish quality - no crazy bulky systems

4. CD (doesnt have to be changer)

5. With ability to add XM

6. Small footprint

I have been looking at the Onkyo CS-V720, and that is kind of what im looking for. Not sure I need the video aspects though. However I really like the clean looks of it.

Lastly, this system would have to interface with my PC as I would like to use it as my primary PC speaker system.

Any suggestions?? Im a n00b when it comes to audio.

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