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i'm looking into geting abit iof a media center in my lounge once i graduate and get some money together...

ive already decided that i'll have a computer for games, internet, dvd's with a good sound card 7.1 suround etc...

i was thinking of having a projector for the tv but after seeing how much the bulbs are it seems silly (?2-300 for a bulb that lasts 6 months)

my idea was to have a normal sized tv like i have at the minute, connected to the computer etc.... and then a projector for when im in a movie mood or want to play a game on the big screen....

my question is:

where is the best place to get the projector? (UK) it dosent have to be brilliant as i'd probably dim lights and draw curtains etc for the movie anyway, ive looked on ebay and found ones for ?270 ish but i'd rather buy something for ?100> from a shop or e-business rather than joe blogg:laugh:gh:

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