Need Help Getting Sound From VCR To Receiver To TV

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My parents have a sony STR-k850P reciever and a KP-65WS510 HDtv along with some sony vcr... anyways I have configured everything and all is working except for getting any sound from the television's speakers when set up as VCR>Reciever>TV. The sound comes out perfectly from vcr to reciever and also from reciever to television, but not combined. Whats weird is that the television receives the AM/FM radio signal from the reciever and at that point the television speakers work, but when the reciever is set to video 1 I only recieve sound from the surround sound speakers and not the built in television ones.

Here is the way I connected all the components:

HD Cable/DVR box: (works flawlessly)

Straight to television via DVI and rca audio cables for sound

and to reciever via optical tosalink and set to Video/Audio input 2

DVD Player: (works flawlessly)

Straight to television via Component and rca audio cables for sound

and to reciever via coaxial audio cables and set to DVD/DVD audio input

Heres where the problem is...


Video output is straight to the television's video 1 input using rca video cable (yellow)

Sound is from VCR output to the Video/Audio 1 input on the reciever then from the Receiver's Video/Audio 1 output (The only output on the reciever) to the teleivions video 1 input

As I said before I find it weird because I can get the television to play the sound from the reciever when it is set to play AM/FM radio, but not to play sound when it is set to video 1. It's even weirder because the video 1 out is the only connection between the television and reciever. I've looked around google and other home theater websites to no avail, so here I am posting my dilema to you.

As for the common question in asking as to why I would want to get the television speakers to work when I have a better means of sound via the home theater's surround sound.

The answer is because my parents dont always want to have the home theater on and they enjoy just hearing the sound direct from the tv they are old fashioned in that sense. Also for the fact that the television speakers work with all the other components including AM/FM radio via the reciver so it would be nice to have each and every one of the components do the same.

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