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Need 5.1 Surround Sounf for under

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stevonw    0

Hey everyone, so next week i should have my 2 x 19" Acer widescreens (1 For PC.....Windows in Widescreen & ofcourse one for the 360) wall mounted with 180 Degrees rorational wall brackets, and need a 5.1 Surround Sound system to compliment it....i'm rather low on cash after just buying the 2nd monitor (?180), 2 wall mounts (?110 Indifferen:|:| ) & 2 x Play and Charge ?26 Kits & Oblivion ?40 (both for 360) lol

So need a 5.1 Set that has dual inputs (1 for pc and 1 for 360 obv lol) @ around ?100.......

Can anyone suggest a set?

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