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Airsoft is, basically, a combination of bb-gun & mini-paintball technologies wrapped-up in Authentic-looking plastic (and sometimes metal) bodies of real weapons, such as AK-47's, MP5's, Steyr's, M16-A2's, P-90's, etc. You can get them at most large sporting goods stores or online sites that sell and promote Airsoft. You can purchase weapons types from sniper rifles to shotguns (they fire a shotgun-like cluster of pellets) to machine guns and semi-automatic machine guns, down to sub-machine guns and pistols of all varieties. They are so realistic-looking that they are required by law to have front of the muzzle or flash-guard to be painted fluourescent orange, so that law enforcement people do not mistake them for the real thing, even when close up. Some are weighted-down to feel as authentic as possible.

Instead of shooting full-size paintballs, they shoot smaller, foam-like pellets or smaller paintballs. Most have the full functionality of their real-life counterparts (single, semi-auto and full-auto firing modes), and most can even accept accessories intended for their real-life counterparts, including R.I.S systems (Scopes, lights, laser-sights & pointers. They are totally unable to fire live ammo, and are not able to be converted to fire live ammo. They are separated into three classes of operation:

1) Gas-powered - using CO2 cartridges to power the firing mechanism: good FPS (feet-per-second) RPS (round-per-second) firing rates.

2) Spring-powered - uses a spring-cocking mechanism: usually a poor FPS and average RPS rates

3) AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) - uses a battery-powered motor system for the firing system: good FPS and RPS rated.

Some Airsoft sites to look at:

Hope this helps!


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you can buy them at many places like You can usually remove the orange tip by taking it off, or if its painted on, by sanding it off.. Join my forum if you want to know more about airsoft

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