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I am working on a project and have ran into a little snag, and was curious if it is possilbe to do what I want to do.

I have three tables with these feilds

tblApplicant - StudenID, Name, MajorCode, Gender, Race

tblAllocation - StudentID, AwardNo, AwardAmount(amount given to student)

tblAward - AwardNo, AwardName, MinAmount, MaxAmount, TotalAvailable

I would like to have a form with the students name, ID, and Award Number (NOT EDITABLE BY USER, auto updates when award name is selected.) Award Name will be selected from drop down menu (AwardNo is based on Award Name), as well the amount the student will recieve which would be entered via textbox. Both of those being pulled from the tblAllocation, and tblAward.

I would also like to validate the amount the user enters to make sure it is less than the MaxAmount, and more then the MinAmount for that award, as well make sure that the amount is what is avaliable in the totalAvailabe field

Does anyone have any ideas how to do this, mainly the Award Number auto updating when the user chooses a Award Name via the dynamic menu

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