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James B

Hi everyone,

Basically I need a new set top box in my room. I did have Sky Multiroom, but the box was getting quite slow, and I fancy a PVR, don't watch any pay channels and Freeview is ok around here.

I was looking around and I think MythTV is what I'll go with - I have Windows MCE but for some reason am leaning towards something else.

I need 2 DVB-T tuners, and one DVB-S tuner. Everything is looking ok at the moment on this front.

Looking at the cases there's some fantastic stuff out there, but I'd like to keep it cheap, and no one but me is going to see it. Using the Dell Dimension 3100 it's pretty smart, silent and performance is fair. I was checking out the Dell Outlet - could I buy a slightly above base spec 3100 there, fit the TV cards and some better graphics, and load up Linux?

Using a Dimension 3100 or something similar you've also got plenty of space for extra drives, air circulation etc.

Cheers guys - been looking at this for ages, but now I don't want pay TV on it I can cut the CAM/CI issues out.


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