Sony BMG Offers Lordi Mp3's From Illegal Source

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I don't fully understand what is going on, but HA! anyways :)

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The site is

probably run by Sony BMG given the logos and the contact address at the


Well I don't know what it said when you looked, but to me it just shows the Sony logo next to the finnish maintainers. You don't think they could've uploaded it on the site when they made it? Seems more than plausible to me. :huh: But yes, Sony BMG is their music company, not that I'm sure that has to do with anything.

From Kulstad's info, it seems like SiteFactory is more like the culprit here, as it's on their servers.

That doesn't have to mean anything either though, but it should be a stronger link than to Sony.

Sony may be annoyed about this though as it connects them with P2P. ;)

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A conspiracy at our hands, we have :whistle:

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Nothing is going to happen to stop getting all giddy :mystery:

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  • 3 months later...

Fun with Sony BMG & MP3 metadata

Finnish Eurovision entry for 2006, Lordi, has a small website at with some interesting info. The site is

probably run by Sony BMG given the logos and the contact address at the

bottom. Nice part is the "Video&Music" department. Direct link to audio

player is

or only for the SWF part of the player

First thing to impress me was the good quality of sound right from the

beginning. Usually one can hear at best only low-quality 96/128kbps MP3 or

WMA samples from official sources. I noticed that my browser of choice,

Opera, created a real MP3 file to its cache directory when the first song

started (192kbps MP3 file for "Hard Rock Hallelujah"). Nice, I thought,

one could easily copy the few files to hard drive/MP3 player. Just for

future reference, I wanted to dig up the complete URL of the downloaded

song. Opera or Firefox didn't show this info easily, so I quickly checked

the SWF file, no metadata in plaintext. A little googling revealed that

there exists some kind of SWF extractors/decoders. I tried out "Action

Script Viewer" demo from

which could extract the SWF file to some extent (after several complaints,

though). ASV demo spitted out SWF action script lines as below:

stage.showmenu = false;

mp3player = new Mp3Player ();






volslider.hslider._x = mp3player.getVol();

cb_songlist.addItem("Hard Rock Hallelujah", "/flash/hard_rock_hallelujah.mp3");

mp3player.addSong("/flash/hard_rock_hallelujah.mp3", 0);

cb_songlist.addItem("Devil Is a Loser", "/flash/devil_is_a_loser.mp3");

mp3player.addSong("/flash/devil_is_a_loser.mp3", 0);

cb_songlist.addItem("Would You Love a Monsterman", "/flash/would_you_love_a_monsterman.mp3");

mp3player.addSong("/flash/would_you_love_a_monsterman.mp3", 0);

cb_songlist.addItem("Devil Is a Loser.mp3", "/flash/devil_is_a_loser.mp3");

mp3player.addSong("/flash/devil_is_a_loser.mp3", 0);

cb_songlist.addItem("Blood Red Sandman", "/flash/blood_red_sandman.mp3");

mp3player.addSong("/flash/blood_red_sandman.mp3", 0);

So, the URLs were not encrypted or obfuscated in any way. One could save

the songs easily with e.g. browser or wget as below, using the complete






The metadata for the songs are as below

blood_red_sandman.mp3 [3 897 344 bytes, 128kbps MP3]

GENRE = Other


TITLE = lordi-bloodredsandman

devil_is_a_loser.mp3 [6 769 523 bytes, 256kbps MP3]

TITLE = Devil Is A Loser

ARTIST = Lordi

ALBUM = The Monster Show



GENRE = Hard Rock

hard_rock_hallelujah.mp3 [5 942 418 bytes, 192kbps MP3]

TITLE = hard r hallelujah

ALBUM = 3rd lopullinen masteri



ENCODERSETTINGS = Audiograbber 1.83.01, LAME dll 3.93, 192 Kbit/s, Stereo, High quality

would_you_love_a_monsterman.mp3 [2 956 643 bytes, 128kbps MP3]

TITLE = 06

GENRE = Blues

Hmm. Nice, free MP3s, no DRM crap, unfortunately 2 MP3s out of 4 were of

inferior quality. And they can't spell LORDI correctly, have to fix the

tags for own use. And.. what's that.. the best-quality file

"devil_is_a_loser.mp3" has comment field "". Let's

check.. a P2P music site? [speechless] Yep. Spanish site offering direct

ed2k-links to full songs, albums, etc.

Shame on you, Sony BMG for downloading your artists' own music

from P2P networks, hope you get sued!!!

And are these mp3-s legal? :blink: So can everybody download them?

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The links you copied didn't work, so I pasted the working ones from the other page. Sony apparently downloaded the mp3s from a P2P network. Thats the point.

Lordi sucks. :devil::

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Well done in resurrecting a 2month+ old thread!

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nm didn't look at the posting date. :whistle:

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Sony at it once again, LOL :p

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