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I know she's been on the market for a while now, but I wanted to test it out for a few months first. What I have learned over the past 3 months of using this phone follows. Bare in mind, I have the Vodafone series of this phone.

When you open the box, you see a typical Samsung flip, which reminds you of the E series flip phones. However, the phone packs a bit more punch than that.

Its sleek black body is not only nice to look at, but it is also a beutiful fit in the hand. So here we go, stick the SIM in, load the battery, throw the included 128MB MiniSD into the card slot, and hit the on button.

The screen lights up, and shows you an image in pure clarity, better than any mobile phone screen I have ever seen.

So like anyone would, I look at al the menus, and everything it can do, not only does it strike me as a typical V/fone branded phone, its shows me, that its fast menu system means I'll be able to navigate quickly, and sometimes without even looking - if I remember the menu options.

Apart from the 128MB external memory, it boasts 54MB internal, which is bloody good for a phone IMO.

After using it on UMTS for a few days, you realise, wow, I never make video calls, so you switch it off, and see the battery use exceed the 3 day mark (I use my phone a lot).

Its a sturdy phone, which can handle everyday use, and being dropped aswell, which is always good. As I found out from my first handset, these phones don't enjoy swimming. Please avoid large amounts of water :-). Thank god for insurance.

The truetones arn't very loud, and once in your pocket, make sure its set to vibrate, or you won't know its ringing. Just glad I'm not a fan of truetones. Same with the built in loud speaker MP3 player.

Hands free is a perfect fit in my ears, and uses a USB connection (small end like you plug into a camera), meaning its connected well throughout your calls, or MP3 listening session.

The loudspeaker in phone mode uses the same speaker as the MP3 and truetone speaker, so is also very quiet, not very good in a driving situation.

A few things I don't like about the phone is the charging status indicator. The battery meter doesn't show you its charging, the end of the charger actually has a colours LED light in it. Red for charging, Green for complete.

Also, no option to put the base station info (Cell Info). A feature which I miss.

My original phone had no option of turning off the front display panel (Clock, Battery, Reception, Alarm Info, Vibrate Indicator), however, my new one does. This doesn't use much battery.

Other than that, it is the perfect phone. The camera qaulity on the phone is very good, once sent to the PC, not so great, but for a phone, I can't ask for much. I use my phone as a phone. I will include pictures of the phone, and also some shots from both cameras.

Yes, two cameras. Being a UMTS phone, this si a must. Both cameras are capable of recording still and moving, movies with sound also, at moderate quality.

So, I think that covers the basics. Obviously, being a Samsung, you have all the added junk like any phone now days. Calculator, Converter, blah blah blah, all that jazz.

If you would like any info, just post, and I hope someone does. This is my second review, you all liked my first on the RazrV3, so I hope you find this one useful also.

Image 1: Main Camera


Image 2: Main Camera


Image 3: Main Camera


Image 4: VGA Camera


Phone Images:




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I have one too - it's a good phone.

Also, no option to put the base station info (Cell Info). A feature which I miss.

Yes there is - It's in the broadcast menus, play with that. You can make it show up on the home screen.

Now using a Blackberry though..


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