Baroid passes The Babe

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Well, until he is proven guilty of taking steroids or enhancing drugs, I'm going to keep an open mind. That being said, I still dislike the guy because he is very rude and snobbish. However, even if he did "juice up," hitting 715 home runs in something around 20 years is quite amazing.

He admitted using a cream that was indeed a form of steroids. He's claiming he didn't know what it was.

I actually know a couple of major leaguers, and they have both told me you know EVERYTHING that goes into your body...all the way down to the flintstones.

Plus, as I stated in another thread...he says he's gotten fatter over the years because of age. Well, you don't get older, and fatter.....and better. It just doesn't work that way.

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I'm talking more about him getting caught like Palmeiro with a random drug test... I suppose that won't happen.

BTW, who do you know that plays in the bigs?

Tim Bogar and Mike Scoscia

Well, hydrocortisone is a steroid. That doesn't mean it gives you a performance boost, only stops the itching. I'm not saying that I doubt his steroid use, just that his use of a steroidal cream doesn't mean anything.

This wasn't hydrocortisone, but a BALCO cream, if I recall.

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