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All 'HD ready' TVs must have component input. It's a European requirement if the TV has that label.

You should look at the official sites for the spec, don't trust retailers' websites.

And also note that it may not say it has an RGB input, because RGB is the equivalent of SCART.

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checked out John Lewis,

i like this one


this one doesnt say if it has RGB but is also nice


this one also doesnt say if it has RGb


just on a side note, how come most of the Samsung Tv's dont seem to have RGB input but only VGA? or is that me just not finding the right Samsung Tv's?

yeah i like that Panasonic TH37PX60P more and more i look at it (the 37" version) luckily we also have a John Lewis about 30mins from us too which is a bonus.

The first one you liked would be my choice I think, the second one isn't "HD Ready"

, so I'd avoid it, I have heard very good things about Philips' TVs, though I haven't had any first hand experience with them... I know at least some of them come highly recommended, I just don't know which ones :D

http://www.johnlewis.com/jl_assets/pdf/nku_jl.pdf Explains John Lewis' in-store pricematching policy, assuming it hasn't changed changed from last year... You go into the shop, buy the TV, and the next day ring up and say that you've found it cheaper at (for example) RGB in Ilford. It doesn't matter where the shop is in the UK as long as it's not a web-only company. I live in Bristol and got my TV from John Lewis at the Bristol branch, but pricematched Ilford's RGB Direct without any problems, and still got the free 5 year warranty :D

So, the procedure is:

1. Find a TV that's available both at John Lewis and at a cheaper company that has a real shop as well as an online shop, like RGB Direct

2. Ring RGB Direct and ask what the In-Store price is for the TV you want (It'll be a little bit more than the online price probably), and make sure that it's IN STOCK, else JL won't price match.

3. Go to John Lewis and buy the TV you want with a free 5 year warranty

4. The next day, call the John Lewis store that you bought the TV from and state that you'd like them to match a competitor's price, stating what the shop is, and the price they're offering.

5. John Lewis will then refund the price difference back onto the card that you paid with.

Using this method, I got ?200 off my ?999 Panasonic TX26LXD52 last September, and a free 5 year warranty.

John Lewis are great by the way, brilliant staff and very helpful compared to Comet/Currys/etc.

RGB Direct currently have the first TV you linked for ?1246.90, listed as a TH37PX60CAB (the CAB stands for cabinet stand, the same as John Lewis offer for ?1495). Both companies are out of stock (though your local JL might not be), so you need to ring RGB and ask when they'll be getting more in, they usually get stock on a weekly basis...

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ah right cheers, yeh that should be the way i'd do it, and the tv won't be bought for another 2 or 3 weeks if im lucky lol, depends on how fast this house sale goes through and when dad leaves the Navy to start his new job. but thanks alot, ill keep checking in here for any other ideas and such, or to get help or to tell you how great the tv is whenever i get it xD

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I have the non-freeview version of this TV and think its great http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronic...TV/Product.html

A pretty good price too, although be aware that there is probably a newer model released by now. You can use a cashback site like www.quidco.com to get money back on the purchase too :) www.pricerunner.co.uk is a good site to help find the cheapest price. I think there is also a 40 inch version if you are after something a bit bigger.

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