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Portable Applications for USB Thumbdrive



However, I am wondering what else to include that would be useful and directly executable (without installing anything on the person's computer that I am visiting).

Here's my list so far:

Portable ClamWin (anti-virus)

Portable FileZilla (ftp)

Portable GAIM (IM/chat)

Portable OpenOffice

Portable VLC (media player)

FoxIt Reader 2.0 Beta (PDF viewer)

Startup Control Panel 2.8 (standalone .EXE version)

Ultr@VNC Viewer 1.0.1


XP PowerToy Calculator

GSpot 2.51 (codec identifier)


Obviously there is Portable FireFox (I'll wait for the update to appear)

I have a few installable but not executable applications as well (like more XP PowerToys and Ultr@VNC Server).

Any other essential utilities/applications that I am missing (beyond what is listed here and/or here)?

I guess I should choose a CD Burning application for the USB drive. Which is the best of these? (I've never heard of any of them):

* BurnCDCC

* Burrrn - create audio CDs (supports many formats)

* CDBurnerXP Pro

* DeepBurner Portable Edition

* SilentNight Micro CD Burner

* Small CD-Writer

Edit: I found the Wikipedia page after I started to write this.

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While on the subject, could anybody recommend a smaller portable server? XAMPP doesnt fit on my flash easily with the other programs on it.

Why not get a bigger flash driver. Just got a 2 GB Samsung from TigerDirect for $75.

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Damn download quota! This is an awesome list, is there any possibility that anyone could host this on something that isnt rapidshare?


I second that. (Y)

I downloaded the first file and have reached the download quota already. :blink:

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I have many of these with out the truecrypt function as I do not have admin rights at work. You might want to add the new FSCapture screen capture program to the list.

I think I will be making a list and putting it up of the proggies I use on thumb drive. I also have 3 portable servers on there.

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TrueCrypt is a must on any USB drive, openoffice portable is useful when the comptuer your working on doesn't have any or a dcent office suite.

I have bricks, openoffice, portable firefox, truecryt on my 1GB Disgo Lite drive. It had U3 **** on it, and was searching for a few hours to get rid of it, its horrible stuff, and I definately recommend removing it (remember to back up drive first!), it loads everytime its inserted, creates a process, and makes some stupid CD drive for it to run.

If anyone needs the U3 uninstaller, just PM me and I'll send it.

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